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About Us 

We're just two best friends looking to combine adventure and yoga!


We've both lived abroad and haven't been able to stop traveling (something our husbands find a bit exasperating). Yoga is something we both love, the physical experience as well as the emotional, it's been a spot where we've gone time and time again to find healing and hope.


Rachel is our yoga guru and has had a passion for yoga since she found it in college. After exploring different options for helping other's, she always found herself back on her mat. After fighting it for a few years, she finally dove deep into her passion and landed here at Imi Ola Retreats, as our calming founder and voice of reason. She dreams big and then dives down into the details, her quirky sense of humor and obsession with animals (particularly sloths) keeps things colorful and light! 

Jessy Anne

Jessy Anne is the wild card covering our marketing, social media, and random other odds and ends. After practicing ballet for over ten years, she found yoga as a new way to move her body and clear her mind. She takes Rachel's ideas and throws them into the air and spins them outta control (that's when Rachel reels it back it in a bit)!


About Our Retreats 


Our goal is to have our retreats be a place of healing and finding the best version of yourself. Combining the adventure of travel with the healing and growth of yoga, our retreats are designed to help you see more of the world and yourself.


Our style of teaching is rooted in hatha yoga and the belief that yoga is accessible to all. Whether you’re just beginning your yoga journey or are looking to take your yoga to a different level, our instructors offer modifications to help you meet your personal goals.

Throughout our retreats we get to the root of why we practice yoga. Seeking more than just postures, our aim is to understand the relationship between mental and physical wellbeing to gain a more wholistic view of personal health.


Life is what you make it.

Our retreats are designed to take you to a new culture, worry-free. With planned excursions and new places to see, you’ll head home after a retreat full of active adventure and cultural immersion with a new outlook on life.

We streamline all the stress of planning a trip so all you have to do is decide where you want Imi Ola to take you!